Benefits and Disadvantages of Buying a Pre-Construction Condo

Buying a pre-construction condo is a great way to own property with a long-term investment potential. However, there are some things to consider before you decide to take the plunge. First, make sure to do your homework. Read up on the risks of purchasing pre-construction and always hire a professional representative. Second, try to purchase your pre-construction condo during its first launches, preferably in a prime location.


Moreover, when buying a pre-construction condo, you can take advantage of a 20% deposit. That way, you can enjoy 100% appreciation over the next three to five years, without worrying about paying mortgages or dealing with tenants. In addition, pre-construction condos usually require staggered deposits, with 5% at signing, the balance within 120/240/365 days, and the final 5% upon occupancy. Some builders even offer 5% deposits every year!


Another benefit of buying a pre-construction condo is that it is cheaper than buying an existing home. In fact, pre-construction condos are often cheaper than houses, as they don't include all of the home improvement costs associated with traditional homes. Additionally, many people must give up their existing home in order to get the best condo rates. Get more info here!


However, you can still get a good profit. Since pre-construction homes can double in price after construction, you can sell them at a good profit. However, remember that you will need to sign a contract with the builder. So, it's a good idea to get a lawyer to review your contract. Look for more facts about real estate at


Before purchasing your pre-construction condo, make sure you know about the specifications and the location. This way, you can make an informed decision. In addition, you should also contact the developer and request a tour. This will help you determine which condo is best for you. After all, you'll want to buy a condo that meets your expectations.


Another benefit of buying a pre-construction condo is that you can customize the unit according to your own preferences. The pre-construction condos are usually in a desirable area, and it's possible to move up if the neighbourhood improves. You can also take advantage of a ten-day cooling-off period to consult with a lawyer and get your contract reviewed without penalty.


One disadvantage of purchasing a pre-construction condo is that it is not exactly what you've been promised. Some buildings have additional features like structural components and mechanical shafts that will reduce the amount of usable floor space. These features should be addressed in the purchase agreement. A lawyer can help you work out an acceptable variance in floor space, which is a crucial part of a purchase agreement.Learn more today!

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